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1993 Ford Taurus Question: Weird Clicking Noise

I have a weird clicking noise coming from the area around the carburetor.. But is it a baring, valve cover, or something just a loose -
Answer 1
Is this a repetitive clicking noise while the engine runs, or does it happen erratically? Incidentally, your Taurus is fuel injected, not carbureted.; i'm taking it you mean around the throttle body and intake manifold area. -
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its repetitive.. its clicks when it turns over, stops, and continues.. i put it in gear and then i got louder and stopped -
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I'm sorry to say that without hearing the noise I can't be of much more help. Try a local mechanic - have them help you hear the noise. Check the directory to find a shop near you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=36330&car_brand_names=Ford -
Answer 2
could it be a fin on your alternator got bent on my 92 this happened and it causes the same/similar noise. -
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which side did it come from?. left or right?. -
Comment 2
it didnt come from there -