weeping head gasket on 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

have small oil leak from head gasket it doesn't runs hot or use any oil, no coolant in oil or whit smoke. the car runs good it doesn't miss . i was told by 2 different mechanics that they couldn't find any thing wrong.

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If the head gasket has a small leak and two technicians have inspected in and told you to not take any action, I think you can be comfortable with that. Fixing the head gasket leak will be very expensive, and if you are not seeing any coolant mixing or smoke, yet, then their advice to wait until you have a real problem to fix may be the right advice.

Pay attention to the extent of the leak, though:
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There is an active TSB for this condition. It is caused by metal debris that is stuck between the head and the block. It is fairly uncommon, and it is not a warranty condition any more. Head gaskets on any 4.6 are no fun, except for me, but if it is leaking from there, that is your only choice. It could be a valve cover, as well, but while easier, they are also alot of work on Grand Marquis 4.6 V8s.