Mercury Grand Marquis Problem Report

Mercury Grand Marquis Wear on rear axle shafts may cause excessive play and gear oil leaks

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Wear on the rear axle shafts near the bearings can create excessive play and lead to gear oil leaking past the seals. Gear oil will leak onto the brake backing plate, brakes, and wheels.
rear end started leaking. added 1.5 quarts of oil before full. just starting the repair process. looking for help -
gear oil leaking driver side rear -
Same problem cost me $700 to get it fixed had to have a new axel!!!!!!! 11111111111111111111 -
small rear diff leak -
Seal leaked causing axle to wear. Grindings caused damage in fluid so entire rear axle assembly required replacement. Ford has poor soft rear axles on this model. -
leakage, and virabration in seats. thanks -
I bought this car with 123,000 miles, within 20,000 miles I had to replace the rear axle's and the had to have the rear end cleaned $1,ooo.oo . I travel a lot so I thought I should be good!? no, I now have 280,000 miles with in 3 years, the rear axles and read end have been replaced 3 times and I have to do it again and this will make 4. the front shocks (bad problem) removed and replaced, heater repaired 2 times..... I love the car but what the heck, they need to do better than this. All of the repairs are way to expensive and the makers should give my money back so I can get a car that is worth driving long distance -
My whole back and front brake system was changed down to the calibers and its been almost a year and no problems with that area of the car -
1989... same problem resulting in a bent axle. -
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