Weak spark, replaced cap rotor and checked primary and secondary coil resistance on 1993 Toyota Celica

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Getting a yellow spark, not the blue hot spark. Checked the spark at the cap and it is weak. G and NE coils are within resistance specs and the gaps are in Spec, closer to 0.008".
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Your tests sound valid. Have you good voltage going to the coil, no voltage drops? I the engine hard to start or misfire under load? It sounds like you have a work shop manual but There is a company that independent auto repair shops get their information from, this same information is available inexpensively for people that work on their own cars.. The information is year make and model specific, covering repair procedures, torque specifications, fluid capacities and specifications, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... Alldata is very easy to navigate
I have seen coil failure on some of those Celicas.
Although the coil was replaced last year, I found a new rebuilt distributor with a new coil and I will swap it out. I hope that solves the problem.