we replaced the rear heater hoses but it only blows cold air.
why? on 1994 Ford E-150

the rear heater hoses broke so we replaced them but now it just blows cold air. what is wrong?

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Are hoses getting warm at the rear? Sounds like air in coolant system! Or hose restricted ie kinked, pinched ect.
the hoses are hot half way back. one is hot the other is cold.
Check to see that hoses are not restricted then make sure it is full of coolant and run it for awhile.
How long have you let it run so far?
It is full of antifreeze and we let it run for a half hour. We even drove it 20 miles and still cold. No
crimps in hoese.
Remove the hose that is cold to the touch and see if any coolant comes out of it when engine is reved up.
There is no HOT coolant flowing through the rear heater core. Find out why and problm solved, all we can do is guess at the cause!
Are both hoses the same size inside? Try switching them if so.
Yes the hoses are the same and we switched them and it makes no change.
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follow #1 nd ck coolant level to start with
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