We need the heater repaired is there any way to have it done by tomorrow?
on 1996 Dodge Caravan

We are traveling into cold weather and the rear heater blower under seat is blowing cold air there is no heat circulating in the rear vents HELP WE WANT TO GO HOME!

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Make sure cooling system is full also.
Aye Aye Sir, Fixed 4 heater problems today, not thinking LOL
That time of year! Y'all get any ice form this last storm?
We're getting it tonight through tomorrow afternoon, starting to stick now, Sleet heavy
Crap! Headed our way too.
Yep and heavy Sleet, staying below 34,mostly lower in 20's until Sunday.
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More than likely the rear heater core is restricted, try the find a shop tab, that operation should not take very long. Hopefully someone will take the time to fix it.
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