We need an etimate to repair / replace the parking brake lever. on 2009 Mazda Mazda6

When the parking brake is engaged, the release button is extremely difficult to depress (I had to use a soft-faced hammer once.) to get the parking brake to release. I need to know what the repair entails and an estimate of the cost. This is now occurring all the time and we are no longer using the parking brake.

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Have you tried wd40? How hard do you pull up the lever? Auto. or man tran. as auto. trans.has good park pawl.
May not need to apply the brake so much.
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call the dealer and ck pricing its to new to get should be almost the same price anywhere you go. it a simple repair
Rare to have a 2009 park brake lever wear out...Think i would work on existing lever
befor buying another part,repair may be simple for one person, not so much another!
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