We got a new battery 2days ago. This morning won't start. Click/No Turnover. on 1992 Lexus LS400

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I have an idea!
Why post the answer if it's not going to be read???? If I get a reply from the person that wants to know... I'll give more info!!!! ... You go for it!... I Really need more info before answering here!!! .. Like did it do this exact same thing with old battery.... Will it start with a jump...etc.. Starter contacts give a lot of trouble on this vehicle... Whatever....
It did click with no turn over with old battery. It will start with jump. Battery is obviously not dead because interior lights and radio and dashboard are working.
IF it starts with jumper cables then the battery is weak or the cable connections are poor!!!... OR both! .... See answer #2...
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charge battery and check for power draw.did you cross battery cables by accident?
Check the Starter Relay in the Main Fuse Panel Under The Hood. When the Key is turned to start, you should hear the Relay "clicking". If not, pull the relay out and have someone try to start it again, the Solenoid should not "click" now. If that is true, you probably have a bad Solenoid or Starter. Changing out the Solenoid and Starter is a level 10 job. The entire top of the Engine has to come off and the Solenoid and Starter are deep in the bowels of the valley! IF you have and can use a Meter, check all electrical sources before going for the Solenoid/Starter changeout. The Estimate for a shop to do it is about $529.00. I am changing mine out now DIY, but I have been doing mechanics for years. Check out "ERIC" the car guy online if you decide to do yourself!
We changed the alternator. It seems to be working fine now. But, If we should have an issue come up like that again, we'll know what to do. Thk u!
how old are the cables especialy the negative learned this one the hard way
hhhhmmmmm....I really don't know. It had 2 previous owners. I'll try replacing those before I go straight to alternator. Is it an easy fix? I really don't want to pay a machanic if I don't have to.
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