we are having problems with car not sure whats wrong on 1990 Chevrolet Corsica

we have replaced the thermostat heater core and starp plugs found out its a blown head gasket but now our car wont start the battery was dead so we tried to jumper it but it wont kick over can u please help why the light and everything work but it just wont kick over

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Have you replaced the headgasket yet , and are the spark plugs in or out of the engine?
no we havent yet we bought this head gasket seal stuff that you put in the raidiator but we cant get it to start for it to work
Don't use that stuff. Pull the plugs and inspect. Reply with what you find (each cyl.)When you say 'it won't kick over' , do you mean no-crank or crank, no-start? Are you getting spark to the plugs (and how are you verifying?)