waterpump and timing belt replacement cost together on 2000 Toyota Solara

my 2000 solara waterpump went out. i am having the timing belt replaced to. what would the cost be together . do they bill each replacement alone. or being that some parts are being taken off for one fix would the the cost be less because parts are aready taken off. when every thing is put back on and it runs hot eventhough it did not over heat when broke down what could cause this thanks

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The engine should not run hot after having the timing belt and water pump replaced if it did not run hot prior to repairs. Perhaps there is air trapped in the cooling system that needs to be bleed out or the wires necessary to operate the electric cooling fan have been disconnected and not reattached after repairs were carried out.
When replacing the timing belt and water pump it is likely that the camshaft seals and the crankshaft seal was also replaced. There is also a timing belt tensioner, coolant and fan belts that may also been replaced. There is no duplication of labor to replace fan belts but additional labor would have been charged to remove the water pump and replace and to remove the cam and crank sprockets to replace the cam seals.
Labor to replace the timing belt only is three and a half hours, add thirty minutes to replace the water pump and ten minutes each for the seals.
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$770.00 2000 v6
I have just recently had it done, my car (Daewoo Lanos) had 73000 miles. I paid $405 together with parts. Denver, CO