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2005 Toyota Camry Question: Water pump replaced twice

I'm looking to buy a 2005 Camry, 4 cyl with 110k on it. The Carfax reports that the water pump was replaced at 77k and again at 108k. I'm concerned since it has a timing belt, not a chain. What do you think? Thank you... -
Answer 1
Probably was incorrectly installed initially or a poor brand pump was fitted ( I have had bad GMB brand pumps on these). We replace the pump at timing belt services and they stay good for easily over 100,000 miles, failure is not very common. -
Answer 2
If the part was a cheapo, crummy part, then yes it will go out more than normal. I would only use a factory part. Also if the cooling system is not serviced every 30k then even a factory pump will fail prematurely. And check the oil color, if it is not a nice golden color then stay away, because dirty oil is what kills timing chains ASAP, it creates a grit that rubs through the chain guides. -
Comment 1
Yes...both times the water pump was replaced by the Toyota Dealer, so I would hope they would use a decent part...when you say oil, do you mean the motor oil? Thanks! -
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