Water pump pully on 1992 Buick Regal

Is the Water pump Pully supposed to spin freely? i spent 2 hours one night trying to put the Serp Belt back on... and every time i kicked it over. it would fly right off agian... well come to find out that the belt was broken... so my buddy came over and sayed that the water pump was blown b/c the pully wasnt spinning freely.... is that true? and how do i fix it?

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The water pump pulley is supposed to spin freely. The Pulley is attached by a shaft to an impeller that is located in the engine blocks cooling passages. When the pulley is rotated the impeller circulates coolant in the engine and pumps coolant out into the radiator to be cooled.
If the pulley won't rotate freely the water pump needs to be replaced.
Origianl GM water pump and coolant is approx $150 (aftermarket water pump approx $70) and job takes about 1 to 1.2 hours to replace pump.
ok is replacing a water pump easy? and how much will it cost?
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Yes its suppose to spin freely. You need to loosen the bolts while the serp belt is on. The Serp belt helps hold the pully in place.