2002 Ford Windstar Q&A

2002 Ford Windstar Question: water pump outlet hose

I need to know the name of the Y-shaped tube that connects the water pump outlet hose to the heater hose and bypass hose. -
Answer 1
Parts descriptions for parts like these are difficult, there are probably several. What I try to do is get a picture or a part #, or both. There often can be multiple names for a part, depending on where you look, so I would try to stop by a Ford Dealership and go to the parts department. -
Answer 2
water pump bypass tube list is 62 bucks every ford dealer stocks them....because they are all rotting out.......and starting pinhole leaks....they can hardly keep them on the shelves.....made in mexico...go to the motorcraft website www.fordparts.com and you can look the part number up on line.....yes I replaced mine.... -
Answer 3
the y-shaped metal tube is called the water pump outlet tube you must buy it at a ford dearler ship only -
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