2001 Toyota Camry Q&A

2001 Toyota Camry Question: Water pump needs to be replaced along my 3 yr old timing belt for 1K.

125,400 miles. Belt replaced at 90000 3 yrs ago. New job and I need to drive longer than before. Do I need to replace the belt? I asked them to wait on it and save 300 dollars. -
Answer 1
No you do not need to but, if they are inside replacing the water pump, the belt is right there as well and can be changed at this time but it is not necessary. -
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they will take off $300 for not replacing it. Only 3 yrs old. -
Answer 2
If you remove the timing belt for any reason replace it along with what ever parts you need. Water pump is driven by timing belt usually replaced together anyway. Is your water pump going bad. Was it replaced with the timing belt @ 90,000 also? -
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WP failed last nite. The shop said the WP& belt would be replaced, radiator flushed, coolant added, seals worked on. ALL for 1000! I told her the belt was 3 yrs old and was replaced by itself at 90,000 mi. She checked and said no belt and the rest could be done for $700. -
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Get another est. No way the belt cost 300.00 because it is the same amount of work, weather the belt is new or not. Is this from a Toyota dealer? I would replace ALL componets inclu. belt,tensioner,idler,pump and all oil seals. But that's up to you. I still would get another estimate. Can't hurt. With this repair then all componets are good to go. Don't have to worry about any of it until 90,000 more miles! -
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No, est is from a local chain. I am tired of dealing with this. I will have to have it towed somewhere else. It is at the shop now. So, $1000 is too much for all of this work? -
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I think so but i also think a lot of things should be cheaper. That's the reason for the 2nd est. If they will do what i mentioned then a 1,000 i guess is not to bad. Anyway GOOD LUCK. -