Water Pump issues after coolant flush on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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Just took my newly purchased 1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Leisure Travel Van with 104,000 miles in for a check up and servicing - among the many operations was a needed coolant flush. When I went to pick up the vehicle it was discovered that the water pump was leaking. It was suggested to me by a friend that this may have been caused by the gasket behind the water pump giving way due to the high pressure flush. Could this be the case? And if so should the water pump and thermostat sill be replaced?

A related issue: would this be an opportune time to replace the timing chain as preventative or would this be needless expense (to an already large bill) at this time.
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No need to replace the timing chain unless you are advised it is making noise. The coolant flush really isn't done under high pressure and if the pump failed, it was about to fail any way any maybe better now than when you were on a road trip or some other inopportune time.