Water pump going bad warning signs on 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix

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I have noticed coolant on the serpentine belt as well as squeaking on occasion ,recently it has been getting worse .
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A water pump that is going bad may first leak, it may make growling sounds when the engine is running (grumbling sound) and or you may "feel" excess play in the water pump bearings. Looking for a leak is a dead give away. The way an automotive shop would locate the leak is by removing the radiator cap and attaching an adapter that screws on in place of the radiator cap. Something that looks like a bicycle pump with a pressure gauge attached to it is used to "pump up" pressure to simulate pressure generated when the cooling system is at operating temperature, the leak is then found sometimes it is obviously leaking from a coolant hose or cracked housing, failed gasket or water pump, sometimes the engines cooling system needs to be inspected from below or inspected using a mirror and flash light.
thanks , it definitely sounds like water pump ,i did notice the grumbling sounds when starting the car ,

thanks again