water pump failure symptoms on 1992 Toyota Camry

I have been leaking coolant (little bit each day) for awhile and one mechanic said the water pump was leaking slightly, and I just replaced the pump, thermostat, timing belt, hoses, belt about 1-2 years back. When I start the car, until it warms up, it makes a slight ratling sound then seems to stop after its warmed up alittle, but coming home last night, the rattling sound got worse and worse, and then the engine just went dead and all engine lights came on. Now I crank the engine and it refuses to start at all. Where I pulled over, it was obvious that the leak had gotten worse as there was a very visable trail of water (I think it was water, no smell) from the street to where I parked. I added water and tried to start but it wont start, just turns over.. What do you think the problem is with it not starting, I asked 2 shops and neither mechanice could tell me how to get it started..

by in Torrance, CA on October 19, 2009
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4 answers
ANSWER by , October 20, 2009
I don't understand how the 2 shops were unable to help you out, unless you were trying to get free advise, then I can understand their unwillingness. This will require a diagnosis, which a shop will generally charge about an hour of diagnosis time. Have you paid either of those shops for a diagnosis?
ANSWER by , April 07, 2010
I'm assuming that by now this has been fixed, but I'm going out on a limb and say that it was your timing belt.
ANSWER by , August 12, 2010
sounds like a leaking head gasket
ANSWER by , September 08, 2010
If you live in a hot area and use the air conditioner water will condense on the cool parts and drip under the car maby 1/2 cup or so This is not a problem If you have anti freeze in your radiator and it is leaking out of the water pump // it shoulld smell Tune up the car untill it runs good and then check to see if the pump is leaking from the axel or fromn where the pump seats to the engine. This nfrequent failure on repair jobs requires the pump to be removed and re sealed