water pump bearing seized - engine toast? on 1991 BMW 325i

I'm looking at buying a 91 BMW 325, 105k - really well maintained. Story - owner drives it around the park once a month to move it around. While stopped bearing in the water pump goes out - indicator goes to red -he moves indicator goes back to middle he gets home, which is about a mile away. Repair shop opens it up, timing belt is fine. Whats the odds of the engine being ok

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If that is all he drove it, and it was only hot for a couple minutes it should be fine. You can do a compression test, and coolent pressure test to check for head problems and low compression. If those show good, just continue being to to the car.
Thank you for the reply, The water pump is off as is the radiator, does the car need to be put back together to do the tests? If so what should that cost - ball park - to run those tests?