water pump on 2008 Hyundai Sonata

when do I need to have the water pump replaced on this engine? I don't want to wait until it goes bad.

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I am sure your mechanic would keep an eye on the water pump and would alert you of the first sign of leakage or bearing play. Not many people would replace the water pump as a preventive maintenance item unless other work like a timing belt or item in the vicinity was being replaced.
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You have a timing belt driven water pump that should be checked for signs of leakage every time the timing belt is changed (every 60k miles). If you haven't changed the timing belt yet and you have over 60k miles on the car, I implore you to change the belt now. If you don't (and if it breaks), it will bend the valves on and effectively ruin your engine....$2,000 repair...If it were me, I would do the water pump even if it didn't show signs of leakage because there is virtually no extra labor charge; just the cost of the water pump ($60)...also, if the water pumps seized it will take out the belt and subsequently the engine.