water pump on 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

The car was running fine. No engine lights, no major problems. About a month ago the car was overheating, i took it to a shop and was told i needed a new water pump from a visual inspection. i saw the antifreeze was low. i replenished the antifreeze and had to replace it again immediately, so i did. the reservoir then stayed full. I drove the car without any problems until the holiday weekend. i drove 300 miles to my parents with no problems. on the way home from the visit the car engien started knocking. I pulled over, the car was not over heating, the temp. guage hand was a little high, but not over the half way point. I checked the oil and the coolant. They both were ok. i waited 40 minutes before i started back on the highway, within 10 minutes of getting on the highway my steering locked up, and the car shut down. i got to the side of the road, and the car would not restart. it would sound as if it wanted to, but didn't. looking under the hood, i couldn't see any obvious problems, broken belts, low fluids, or oil leakage. Could this been caused by a bad water pump?

by in Bedford, PA on November 29, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 29, 2010
could have started as a water pump problem - but now sounds like something worse(head gasket)?dont drive a car 300 miles after somebody tell you that a water pump is bad.
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The water pump may develop a coolant leak resulting in an engine overheating condition.  
I have noticed coolant on the serpentine belt as well as squeaking on occasion ,recently it has been getting worse .
im leaking coolant right behind the big pulley towards the bottom of the car is that the water pump i cant tell when im under the car.. its poors out when car is cranked and it its hard to tell...
i smelled anafreeze bout a week ago,i notice fluid was drippn from water pump after car was turned off. i replaced water pump. car overheats while driving it,after 5 to 10m...
What is the best way to loosen the 4 bolts that hold the pulley on to get to the water pump?

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