water pump? on 1995 Chevrolet Beretta

recently the serpentine belt went out on our beretta, my husband attempted to fix it, he got the belt on past the plate, now something is leaking and we think its power steering fluid, but when u drve the car the engine over heats...what could be causing this?

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I recently had my 95 beretta overheat as well. i am researching on the net and came to the conclusion that the water is leaking out of the "weep holes" in my water pump, which is telling me that the seals in the waterpump are bad and i need to replace them. i also went to advanced auto parts (auto part chain) and priced the pump (not the edelbrock) at 29.98. now i just need to find a guide on how to replace it. I reccommend your husband do the same, or if you have the money take it to the shop. im broke so im gonna have to do it myself.