water on the floor of the driver seat on 1999 Lexus GS400

I have been having water on the floor on the driver seat
been trying to find leak by inserting a towel on between the carpet and the middle console thinking is the a/c leaking'

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Could it be water dripping in the sunroof due to a blocked roof drain. Sit in the car get a friend o turn on a garden hose, run the hose around the roof and around the front windscreen and door ( to ensure the door seal and window seals are good).
No, when that was discovered it we didnt have no ran. Most likely I would have had water stains on the fabric if it was from the sunroof. I will check on the windshield,
Is there history of this car's a/c water drain tray of cracking?
had same problem took it to lexus and was leaking heater cord repair cost me 3200.00
I have a similar issue. I was driving in the rain, no leak from top. But water buildup inside the car. I noticed this a multiple times. The longer the drive, larger build-up of water pool.
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It is the split in the 2 parts of the evaporator housing . Pull the console and seal it with some silicone or JB Weld and no more water mine did that and I
got it fixed doing just that