water on driver side floor on 2001 Toyota RAV4

where might water be leaking from after a good rain and end up on the driver's side floor?

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i have the same problem.. noticed it only happens when it rains.. cant seem to find where the waters leaking from.. any help?? its cold here.. havent used the AC in a while.
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If the heater drain was blocked when the air conditioning is on water could leak on the passenger floor mat. It is best to look for water leaks when everything is dry. First is the door seal or door, damaged in anyway? Do the doors close flush with body? Ensure the door seal makes good and uniform contact with the door (particularly important if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. You may need to pull back carpets pull back the carpets and sit inside the car (you may need a flashlight) and get a friend with a garden hose to spray water around the door jams to determine if the water is entering the doorway. Then spray water around the windscreen moving around the circumference of the windscreen. Look around the windscreen area and look up from the floor mat area (as best you can) to determine if water is leaking in around the windscreen seal. Is there any rust around the windscreen area or body work? If you have a sun roof there is a drain tube at each corner of the roof to channel away water. A blocked drain may cause water to fall from the sunroof area Water can also come up through the floor pan as you drive through water on the road, if any rubber bung or “seam sealer” has been disturbed or is missing.
Had similar problem with wet floor area on driver's side. Checked during rain and figured out water was coming from top of car and running down to floor. Saw above tip about drain tubes for sun roof. Opened sun roof and sure enough one of the drains was clogged and water was puddled up. Thanks for advice!!!!