water on cylinders best way to get it off on 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

wet spark plugs

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How did it get there?????
bad intake gaskets did the repair cylinders are wet drained the water during the procedure and didn't add any antifreeze yet..
Remove all spark plugs and crank engine over several times.... That should do it.
done that numerous of times
That works for me every time!!! Unless there is still a leak and coolant has been added.... Did you install a NEW intake as well?? ... Engine hasn't started since the work?
it actually ran with a miss of course when I pulled out plug no. 1 to see if it was firing all other plugs were wet I was thinkin maybe there would be something I could dry it all out with first time this has happen to me on a 3.4 gasket were bad with a mix had the intake looked at and cleaned up couldn't find nothing wrong with it
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remove wet air filter, throttle body inlet boot/tube and spark plugs and slowly by hand with socket and large ratchet or breaker bar, then after rotated at least twice by hand, crank engine for about 30 second with spark plugs out until no water seen coming out spark plug holes. If you did not run through water then you must diagnose and repair source of water such leaking intake, intake or head gasket. If you need help diagnosing and repairing and would like a FREE LOANER car, van or SUV please call Roy or David at 757-456-0722
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