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Jeep Wrangler Water May Leak From A-pillar on Side Doors

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Water can leak near the A-pillar, at the front edge of the driver and passenger side doors. An improved seal is available.

Water comes in and leaks down A pillar and then down to the floor leaving the carpet soggy and a mildew smell, I pulled my carpet to dry out,I'll re-install once there is a solution -
water comes in. passenger side carpeting soaked. -
When it rains I have a leak at the top forward corner of the driver side door jam. The leak splashes off the door interior getting the stearing colum wet, instrument panel wet, driver seat wet and front floor board wet on the driver side. No solution has been attempted yet. -
front floor board gets lots of water on it after a hard rain -
Water leaks on both sides of a annoying! -
Water leaking in upper corner (closest to windshield) of both doors. Is there a re-call offered to fix this issue? I have a 2008 Wrangler Sahara 2 door... -
Bought the Jeep used. Floors were wet when I bought it. Now I know why. -
Both windows are leaking and landing on the door openers...carpet was soaked..very annoying!!! -
water leaking in from the side by the doors and right above the rear view mirror -
mine is 2014 wrangler, same problem. -
same thing. water comes down pillar and wets the floor. worse on passenger side but also happens on driver side -
Passenger floor gets damp or as bad as water standing depending on the amount of rain. We remove all rugs and a try to turn the jeep door towards the sun to dry it out. -
Water leaking right above the door lock/handle on both sides. Drips on door lock/handle and down to the floor. -
My Jeep Wrangler has been leaking water since I bought it. After A LOT of complaining, Jeep offered to "repair" the issue. It was not solved and still leaked water immediately after. I have reached out to them for months and they are refusing to fix the issue. I have reported them to several business monitoring organizations to no avail. -
Wet Carpet after rains! -
Water at passenger side. Trying to determine leak... -
The floor of the drivers seat has floods (2 inches of water), after heavy rain. The rest of the car is completely dry, only the drivers seat floor is accumulating water. -
No solution attempted yet, looking for new parts. Caused by years of hard top being placed wrongly. -
Both sides leak. Amount of water depends on how hard it rains. Heavy rain soaks both seats and leaves a deep puddle on floorboards. No solution yet -
Water on passenger side floor both front and back.. Took out carpets to dry. Thought it was leaking from the roof so I tightened each clasp.. Maybe its the a pillars. Cant wait til next rain to see .. -
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the last two rain storms there has been a lot of water on the floor on the passenger side
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