water leaks in on passenger side on 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

water is dripping out the handle you hold on to close to windshield

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either your winshield is leaking or heater core if its coolant or a/c drain tube is plugged and the tray is overflowing. hard to say depending on how high the leak is.these are the only things there that could leak.
Thank you for replying, I also think it's winshield
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Do you have a sun roof?
I just bought a 2012 dodge ram 1500 and guess what its leaking at the same spot as yours so i decided to look into the problem myself i took off the side moulding that runs down the side of the windshield and then took the roof mouling off that hides the body seam and noticed that their is a crack in the seam the crack is finer than a peace of hair but water gets in runs between the roof and runs down the piler post just to say it gets the corner of the headliner wet
Thank you for the response, sounds like we have the exact same problem. I will check like you did!
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