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Jeep Patriot Water Leaks From the Front and/or Rear Roof Area

Jeep Patriot Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

Average Mileage: 61,117 mi (21,675 mi - 190,000 mi)


Water leaks may be noted from the front and/or rear roof area. Our technicians recommend to inspect the roof ditch and sunroof - Check all grommets and plugs, reseal roof seams, and replace the sunroof drain tubes if necessary.

  • Visitor, , 50,000 mi

    Had it in 3 times since purchase (5/2009) all for water coming through dome light and map lights. Water shorted out lights and radio as well. Dealer wants to charge $85 diagnostic fee to "diagnose" the same problem from the previous 3 times. Luckily, the 3 previous were still under warranty, not the case now. After a shouting match at the dealer I contacted the owner of the dealership, and he kindly offered to "fix" the problem @ no charge. Called Chrysler and informed them of their inferior product and asked why there has not been a recall. She explained the process, if Patriot owners want a recall YOU MUST CALL CHRYSLER AND COMPLAIN! They also document your complaint in the event they will pay for repairs(slippery slope as I understand, they may or may not) and/or documentation for the Lemon Law. This issue never gets fixed, it's a band-aid. The sunroof, drains or whatever is supposed to channel the water away is JUNK.

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  • Visitor, , 50,000 mi

    water drains down onto my feet while driving - it passes over the heater core so it's scalding when it hits our feet - happens both driver and passenger. also leaks from the dome lights. Water is also sloshing around ?? somewhere.

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  • Every time it rains hard, the dome light leaks all over the dash and radio. I'm just waiting for something to short out. When I brought it to bald hill dodge a year or so ago, they said the drain was clogged and that I should vacuum it out. First all there is no way to do that. They charged me $100 dollars and it leaked again a month later. Apparently its not the drain, this should be recalled. I am very disappointed in both the dealership and jeep for not taking care of this problem!

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  •  Rookie

    has cause to lose a 500.00 dollar radio for the second time. i need to know if this is a recall problem ASAP

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  • Visitor, , 38,000 mi

    Water leaks around dome light in back by the hatch.
    It is in the shop now for this problem and the shop
    is going to take off roof racks and seal around the bolts
    that hold it in place.

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  • Visitor, , 60,000 mi

    Water Leaks From the Rear Roof Area, pulled off center cover above light, and gorrilla glued. tested sat.

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  • I bought a new 2015 jeep patriot latitude in February while it was covered in snow and ice and the first time I washed it I noticed water raining through the dome light before I even rinsed the car off.. The dealer sealed the roof racks and returned my car and when I tried to finish washing my car it began raining through the dome light again so we retuned the car to the dealer. They said they resealed the racks and replaced a grommet and ran water for 45 minutes which was obviously a lie because it was still filthy as when we dropped it off. When we began to hand wash it again the water immediately began running through the dome light again. I asked them how they could have run water over it for 45 minutes without streaking the dirt or flooding my car when it floods in 30 seconds of water rinsing my roof... They had no answer and now are replacing a hinge which they say is a painted part so has to go to the body shop...I have owned the car for 1 1/2 months and have been driving a rental most of it...I told them I would not accept the car back without a replacement headliner and I want to see the one they pulled from my car due to mildew risk...they agreed....I am looking into the lemon law as this has been an ongoing issue and I paid 27,000 dollars for this vehicle...

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  • This is not the only problem either. I also have had to replace the cam positioning sensor, and now the TIP module is acting up. Very costly repairs.

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  • 2007 that has done the same thing since we bought it. There's a drain tube that gets clogged. Water comes down through the lights.

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  • Water leaks from the map lights

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