2010 Cadillac SRX Q&A

2010 Cadillac SRX Question: water leaks

door gasket water leak,windshield water leak, front cowling water leak -what is long term consequences of having water in car . Corosion on electric connections in floor pan? -
Answer 1
Water and computers don't play together well. Allowing water to remain in the car, if it get's into the electrical system and computers can do some serious damage. Is there standing water inside the car? -
Comment 1
water was up to 3 " on passenger side on Dec 2 (repaired) and the Check eng light came on Feb 24 with water on drivers side after leaks in front windshield,cowling . Connector were corroded and replaced in floor and car was dried out . Did not see standing water at that time < Car was returned after computer was diagnosed. -
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also hub cap lost after tx dealer worked on it,local dealer has worker on water leak still leaks only 20000 mi
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