Water leaks on 2007 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a leak on the passenger side. The floor gets soaked after rain. I can hear water sloshing around when moving

by in Haverhill, MA on April 23, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 28, 2009
I am assuming that it is equipped with a sunroof, you need to check the sunroof drains at that side of the vehicle. You will have to disassemble part of the interior to find where the water is sloshing around. The drain I would check first runs down the right front a pillar and drains right behind the front wheels or just in front of the front door. Have to look for debris plugging the hose or the hose becoming disconnected from the drain fittings at the sunroof assembly. Water leaks are not fun. Make sure you dry the carpet out well or you will have a mildew issue and may have to replace the carpet. Good luck.
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