2004 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2004 Chrysler Town & Country Question: water leaking onto front floorboard, passenger side, plastic pipe break?

it leaks when i use the air conditioner... looks like there is a pipe on both sides of the firewall... do i have to take apart the dash to fix it? what is the piece called that needs repair and where can i get it and what is the cost? -
Answer 1
The ac evaporator core water condensation drain is plugged. The drain is at the base of engine firewall passenger side. Get under the vehicle to inspect. It will be a tube about 1/2 inch diameter. -
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Thank you! That hose drains water freely to the outside. I unclogged it with air hose a few months ago. i keep carpet pulled back and i use towels on floor board every day to soak up the water draining from the passenger side firewall compartment. Could the heater housing possibly not be sealed? If so, can I just pull up the padding at bulkhead to get to it? Or do i have to take dashboard apart? What type if sealant can i use? Something gooey like 'dum-dum' or...?? THNK YOU for your time and assistance! -