Water leaking onto driver and passenger floor boards even when car is in garage! on 2008 Honda Pilot

It happens when it doesn't rain. I'm constantly sucking water out of my carpets with a shop vac. I've had it in and drainage tubes were blown out to correct any possible clogging.

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Water Leak Due to Poor Seal at Side Marker Wire Harness on Honda Pilots 2003,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,2012....On certain models a leaking side marker light wire harness can cause a water leak inside the vehicle. Resealing the wire harness where it goes through the body into the cabin area should stop the leak.72 Reported on just this site...if this don't fix it,you must have a clogged A/C condensation drain tube clogged..
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If it's water your AC drain might be clogged. If it smells sweet you may have a leaking heater core.
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