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2005 Honda Civic Question: Water leaking on passenger floorboard

I have water leaking on the passenger side floorboard every time I drive lately. It hasn't been raining and I haven't been running the AC, or even the fan, so I can't see it being a problem with the AC drain hose or whatever I've been seeing as suggestions to this problem. It's also not coloured or strange-smelling like it is when people say it might be the heating core. What could this be? The car seems to be running fine, but this is a pain. -
Answer 1
If you are slowly losing coolant your heater core is leaking, you need to have your cooling system pressure tested to be sure -
Comment 1
It's not coolant. It's clear and has no smell. My coolant is green and smells very strongly. -
Answer 2
The A/C system can turn on automatically even though you don't push the A/C button. It's not uncommon to have the A/C drain get plugged by debris. Even though you say you are not running the A/C or turning on the fan I would check the A/C drain first just to make sure. -
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