water leaking inside vehicle from rear a/c unit on 2002 GMC Safari

i'm getting water in the vehicle, the carpet is soaked when I use the rear a/c unit. WHat could be the problem.

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The A/C unit has a drain tube so that condensation from the evaporator will drain outside the vehicle. You need to check that drain to make sure it isn't plugged or disconnected.
Perfect fix! I have a 2006 Chevy Tahoe with the same leaking prob. Found the drain tube to be clogged. Quick scoop out of the the goop and presto, instant draining. No more leaking in the truck! Thanks
can u tell me where is the drain tube located and how do i get to it. Maybe its just cloged and uncloging it could solv my problem. My 2002 Savana has a water leak and the carpet is all wet.
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It could be a plugged water drain hole for the rear A/C unit.
The front drain hole is usually located under the right center of the vehicle. Pretty much under where the front passenger left foot would be.
I found this nipple under the rear ac unit outside of the vehicle full of algae and cleanedit drains good now
Where can I find that drain tube for the rear a/c on a 03 tahoe?