2004 BMW X3 Q&A

2004 BMW X3 Question: Water Leaking in back condensation on the inside windows

A few weeks back, I noticed condensation forming on the inside front windshield. I couldn't figure out why it was happening until I discovered the water leak in my trunk. I found the water after opening the trunk and a blanket on the left side was completely soaked. Any ideas of where to begin with this problem. Given the expense of BMW service, maybe I could fix this one myself. -
Answer 1
If you have a sunroof more than likely the drain hose is clogged, when its not raining open the sunroof and pour a glass or two of water around the rim area of the sunroof it should run out under the car if it dosn't the sunroof drain is clogged. -
Comment 1
For many that is the case, on my X3 in particular(also a few people on other blogs have found) the sealing on the windshield, around the sunroof and back windows are very cheap. Not BMW quality! They are actually chipping away. I couldn't find the problem when I was getting water all inside the front and rear seats...then on a heavy rainy night, the rain wet the cluster in the front panel and now the electrical damage has been done. I suggest you check into the sealing and see how yours looks/feels. The seal is an easy fix but not the water damage the to the inside of the vehicle that can potentially be caused! -
Answer 2
rear sunroof drain blocked. must be blown out with air compressor with special fitting to fit in drain, -