1994 Ford Explorer Q&A

1994 Ford Explorer Question: water leaking from back side of motor looks like its coming out at timing chain

is this possible if not what could it be -
Answer 1
Be more specific; The timing chain is at the front. -
Comment 1
Sorry i was told that was where it looked like it was coming from but Its leaking at the back of motor seems to only leak out while driving i also checked the oil no water in it the water pump and thermostat has been changed -
Comment 2
Are you seeing the water leaking, or water dripping under the vehicle after driving. -
Comment 3
Dripping -
Comment 4
Ok Does it look like anti freeze, or just water. If you have been running A/c, would that be the condensation dripping from the drain. Check coolant level, see if loosing coolant. The A/C will also run on defrost. -