2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Q&A

2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: Water leaking

My van is not holding water. It is leaking out by the rear passenger door. What could cause this? -
Answer 1
If you van has a rear AC unit, then either the tubes to and from the unit has sprung a leak or the rear heater core has failed. -
Answer 2
check water pump seal -
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Hood misalignment, cowl cover misalignment, wiper module drain tube(s), and/or the lower plenum drain hose may cause the HVAC housing to leak water onto the passenger side floor. Diagnoses will be ...
If the HVAC (heater) housing is not properly sealed at the bulkhead (firewall), water can leak into the passenger compartment. Foam sealant should be used to seal any gaps and the evaporator drai...
Water leaks from under the dash on the passenger side is this a result of a bad heater coil?
I just noticed today that once the car has been driven and engin is hot, there is a small coolant puddle under the car after it has been parked. There is a leak/drip coming down from under the bel...
Backlight (rear window) water leaks are common. Conduct a water test to verify the location of the leak. The lift gate trim should be removed and the glass resealed from inside.