water leak in rain on 1999 Honda Civic

The front passenger floor gets wet. Not sure how water gets inside. Could there be a gap in the floor pan when going through large puddles or could the moon roof drain area be plugged up or ??? Thanks

by in Hacienda Heights, CA on January 22, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 22, 2010
Water can enter the cabin from may places, start by checking the door seals, window seals, sunroof seals and drains. Check that the doors, windows and sunroof lid are all adjusted properly so that they close correctly. Other possibilities are the windshield, front cowl drains and any plugs in the body. So you can see there are many possibilities, and finding a leak can be very difficult, so start with the obvious stuff, and when it is dry, try to locate the leak with a garden hose.
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