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Jeep Commander Water Leak From Sunroof Drain Tube

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A water leak from the sunroof and/or headliner is often caused by clogged or misrouted sunroof drain tubes. Inspecting the sunroof drain tubes should be the first step in checking for the cause of these type of water leaks.

I just noticed that there was white mold/mildew under my driver's side car mat. And then when I removed the mat I realized most of the carpet on driver's side was wet. I had heard there was some type of defect with how rain water drains. I researched online to determine what the problem could be and saw that a lot of people had problems with the sunroof drain tube near the bottom of the car not releasing water directly to the ground, directly behind the driver's side tire. I found a youtube video that showed how to correct the drain problem. I took a Saturday and just followed the procedure and fixed it all by myself. It only took me 30 min. I also tested that the water would drain on the ground by opening my sunroof all the way and then pouring water near the top left side of the sunroof, where the drain begins. And yes, it drained directly on the ground underneath the car. Yippee! Another $500 saved by not having to go to a dealer. :-) Here's the link to the video: -
Has not been fixed! Water flying out of screw hole covers in handles on both driver and passenger side above dashboard. I have to put heavy towels there when it rains or my floor carpets get soaked! Terrible design flaw! Seems like a re-call/lemon law issue to me. -
In shop now.. total design defect. I shouldn't have to pay for something that is not a wear and tear issue!!! -
flooded floor boards after heavy rain -
The drain tubes located at each end of the front drain channel in front of the Sun roof, need to be kept clear. If you open your Sun roof and pour a small cup of water at each end of the channel, the water should within a short time come out onto the ground right behind the front tires. The tube runs down inside the grab handles and down through the kick panel, if there is anything blocking the tubes, they will back up and water will flow out at the grabhandles and down onto the dash and onto the floor mats. Keeping the drains open by blowing air into them, or maybe some hot water, will help. These tubes can be replaced by a dealer. -
Water leaking to passenger floor. water sloshing in dash, water discharging from interior trim by front windshield. -
I am having the same problem and am trying to figure out how to clear the drain tube -
I found a bee had made it's nest in the bottom of the 1/4" tube and stoppered it up. I pulled the lower panel at my feet where the tube runs through and ran a clothes hanger into the tube that was full of water and the mud plug at the bottom. The water from the skylight and tube came rushing out and has not leaked inside from the post just below the hand grig since. I ran water over the skylight to rinse out the tube and tested it for leaks when I was finished. -
Water leaks into car every time it rains. i have been unable to fix so far. -
Plugged water tube drain from power moon roof. -
Sounds Like Sunroof drain .Water leaks into car from roof. -
Worked on it but still leaks. Don't know where to go next. Had it in an auto shop but still leaks. -
cant find tube -
Dealership repair shop cleared clogged drain holes -
wreaked havoc on my electrical system, had to escalate to chrysler, took months to resolve... -
When it rain it gets into the jeep and mess up the floors and have the car smelling moldy -
I have water pouring into my car from the door post covering when it rains. I have washed the car since the repair has been done with no water coming in. I have taken it to the dealer to fix, and have since taken it back and it is still not fixed. The mechanic said "the sunroof seal is cracked and that's what is leaking". -
leaks during rain. haven't been able to fix as of yet -
Floor on front passenger side flood for no apparent reason seems to come from the roof somewhere -
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