Water Leak From Headliner Area on Dodge Caliber

Water leaks from the headliner may be cause by damaged sun roof drain tubes.

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Average mileage: 55,078 (3,600–200,000)
5 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011
52 people reported this problem
38 people shared problem details
2009 Dodge Caliber3,600
My year old Caliber has been at the dealership for a week. They finally discovered the leak is coming from the drainage tubes. This is after my dome light filled with water and front and back floors have been completely sopping wet. Is Dodge aware of this problem?
2009 Dodge Caliber36,000
I had water on the front drivers side floors last year took it to Dealership they said it was the drain tubes for the sunroof (cost $185) Got it back then it had water in the back drivers side took it back 5 more times last year and we were so disgusted. After the 6th time we thought it was fixed they replaced the drain tubes. Now it is leaking again pools of water in the front and back going back to the dealership again this week. I think Chrysler should recall these cars and fix them for nothing. I am disgusted.
1 month old when rear floor soaked after heavy rain. Then front light fixture and headliner filled with water. Now sunroof has a short and opens when it feels like it! Had tubes cleared twice, light fixed, headliner cleaned. Going back for new wire harness for sun roof next week.
2008 Dodge Caliber29,986
Leaking everywhere at this point, rear seat area, pillars and front interior light. There should be a recall on this!!!
2009 Dodge Caliber26,000
I am so sick of this car, I will drown in this car eventually, water pouring in on headliner sides, seats soaking wet, floor boards soaking wet, mold on headliner, very embarrassed in this car. What can we do? Brought this mess to dealer and had to pay 100.00 to have tubs cleaned out, then 2 months later dripping again, even worse. Want to get rid of car. What a lousy car.
2009 Dodge Caliber38,000
Second time it happened. Soaks floor and headliner. Last time the dealer cleand out drain tubes and charged for the service. 4-5 months later having the same problem again.
water leak from sun roof drain tubes
2009 Dodge Caliber166,500
Drain tubes leaking into headliner and onto floor.
Sunroof leak started first year of ownership. Multiple trips to dealer for cleaning of tubes. Quoted hundreds of dollars to "fix" the problem but we're aren't doing it. This is a serious design flaw. There needs to be a recall.
2009 Dodge Caliber35,000
still leaking after having to dealership. No solution yet
Sunroof leak is flooding the back floorboard.
2007 Dodge Caliber60,000
Floorboards are accumulating water. Also water in the dome light.
2010 Dodge Caliber39,500
water In lf headlight water leaking in roof light water in left rear floor . has not been repaired
Puddle on driver side floor after rain.
When it rains leaks on both sides, front interior light filled with water and water in front headlight and rear lights, floor wet. this only happens when it rains, I has to be a defect. I have heard so many people report the same problem.
2008 Dodge Caliber85,000
water pooling on drivers side floor. traced back to sunroof. sealed rivets, etc. per YouTube instruction and replaced seal around sunroof. Problem solved. No issues for last 2 months.
2007 Dodge Caliber123,000
Replaced my front struts and sway bars last month. Then had to tighten my driver side this month and buy new sway bar. Passenger side started squeaking so I thought it needed to be tightened. Thought that would fix it. But then my tie rod outer end needed to be replaced but the squeaking came back...... Help
2008 Dodge Caliber60,000
Ongoing problem. For over a year now (Car is currently at 74k miles) I get water in my driver footwell and rear driver's side footwell every time it rains. I vacuum it out, we get a short florida storm and bam, an inch of water in the rear footwell again. There are HUNDREDS of reports on various websites on this. There needs to be a recall!!! From what I understand, most dealerships will take hundreds of dollars and several tries to fix the problem. I've done my research. Its the drainage tubes, hands down. Hundreds of other reports / fixes (even short term) agree. Its nonsense. I will never buy another Dodge.
Have water collecting in headliners on drivers side and passenger side. Dealership cleaned once problem persists even thought car is garage kept to prevent excessive exposure to weather.
The driver's side front drain was clogged and hard to find. Water was backing up and leaks came out of my light/roof controls in the roof. I believe a fourth drain in actually draining into my rear headlight which I will need to take apart.
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