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Honda CR-V Water leak from cowl area

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A leaking cowl (at the base of the windshield) can leak water into the vehicle's cabin. The cowl has to be resealed to stop the leak.
I have a leak in heavy rain but only on the driver side. No leak in light rain. Looking for the problem. And solution! -
Leaking windshield cowl that drips into passenger side foot well and stagnates, soaks the carpet and leads to odor. -
When it rains, there's a leak on the passenger floor side. -
Bend the cowl in toward windshield to fix -
same problem with water leaking into passenger floor mat and had glass company to check drain tubes in sun roof but they were ok. no fix yet -
Will take car into shop next week for this problem -
Also have a leak in passenger side lower wind shieled -
After washing vehicle, floormats are puddled up with water! -
Researched problem and will attempt a repair soon. -
Have water leakage with water soaking passenger floor mat if car is parked in heavy rain. No problem with light rain while driving. -
same. I goouped it with cauking and bent the vent opening inside so the water no longer leaked into it. -
1996 one owner crv cowl leak ..have been unable to remedy 200 000 kilometres , non usa -
Not yet fixed. Surprised that Honda would not have come up with a manufacturing fix for this way before 2006. -
It hasn't been fixed and my truck at this point, is pretty much ruined -
It appears my new 2012 CRV EX is experiencing the same symptons. I noticed the passenger carpet was damp and I saw water droplets on the passenger side plastic trim. I initially thought it was from the door mouldings and from opening the passenger door to load the vehicle. Further investigation showed that the water was dripping from under the dash. I will contact the dealer and hope for the best. At least I have gained some information from other owners experience. -
Have same problem and into the Honda dealer 3 times - $100 later still no fix - seems like the dealer would know this a common issue -
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Would like to see pictures or video to see how to remove cowl and reseal it.
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