Water leak from cowl area on Honda CR-V

A leaking cowl (at the base of the windshield) can leak water into the vehicle's cabin. The cowl has to be resealed to stop the leak.
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Average mileage: 124,373 (10,500–219,000)
14 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014
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I have a leak in heavy rain but only on the driver side. No leak in light rain. Looking for the problem. And solution!
1999 Honda CR-V 55,000 mi,
When it rains, there's a leak on the passenger floor side.
2006 Honda CR-V 103,000 mi,
Leaking windshield cowl that drips into passenger side foot well and stagnates, soaks the carpet and leads to odor.
1999 Honda CR-V 200,000 mi,
same. I goouped it with cauking and bent the vent opening inside so the water no longer leaked into it.
It appears my new 2012 CRV EX is experiencing the same symptons. I noticed the passenger carpet was damp and I saw water droplets on the passenger side plastic trim. I initially thought it was from the door mouldings and from opening the passenger door to load the vehicle. Further investigation showed that the water was dripping from under the dash. I will contact the dealer and hope for the best. At least I have gained some information from other owners experience.
water leak into passenger cabin
2008 Honda CR-V 39,000 mi,
same problem with water leaking into passenger floor mat and had glass company to check drain tubes in sun roof but they were ok. no fix yet
Bend the cowl in toward windshield to fix
2006 Honda CR-V 106,000 mi,
Not yet fixed. Surprised that Honda would not have come up with a manufacturing fix for this way before 2006.
Will take car into shop next week for this problem
2014 Honda CR-V 55,000 mi,
Also have a leak in passenger side lower wind shieled
After washing vehicle, floormats are puddled up with water!
Just realized I have a leak way down at the very bottom of the passengers side of the windshield. When using the wipers it spits the water through the cab and all over my dash. I don't know what to do about it. I'm sure this means a visit to my friendly Honda dealership.
2012 Honda CR-V 10,500 mi,
After driving in a storm I noticed the driver side floor matt was damp. Pulled up all of the floor matts and the carpet is soaking wet throughout the car. I have a service appointment tomorrow to diagnosis the problem. I am very surprised that this is a somewhat common problem over many model years I am interested to see if Honda and or the dealership will cover any or the repair cost. The leak will have to be fixed and the carpet will probably replaced.
Water accumulated in passenger side floor. Took to Honda Dlr who immediately referred me to 3rd party repair shop. Had it sealed & it has started to leak agin - 105M miles. Vehicle has been basically good. Dealership poor.
1998 Honda CR-V 200,100 mi,
I have a leak into passenger-side foot well. I drained the plastic tray under the passenger dash by sliding a small door. It seems to have stopped for now. I will seal the window with clear sealant today. This problem just started after 17 years of no leaks.
Leaking cowl.... take it to the windshield people every 2 years for new sealant bead..don't know what else to do... Part is to expensive to buy and then to pay someone to install..... cannot afford on social security.....
1999 Honda CR-V 96,000 mi,
Researched problem and will attempt a repair soon.
Have water leakage with water soaking passenger floor mat if car is parked in heavy rain. No problem with light rain while driving.
1997 Honda CR-V 200,000 mi,
1996 one owner crv cowl leak ..have been unable to remedy 200 000 kilometres , non usa