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Honda Pilot Water Leak Due to Poor Seal at Side Marker Wire Harness

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On certain models a leaking side marker light wire harness can cause a water leak inside the vehicle. Resealing the wire harness where it goes through the body into the cabin area should stop the leak.

Same problem. Water on both drivers side and passenger side. So I tore it all apart and this is what I found. When you remove the outer plastic wheel well piece and the mud flaps you see the factory did not seal the seams in the wheel wells where they force the run off water. All of the water is basically channeled down the seam which allows water to flow into a cavity in that corner. When that cavity is full, it flows into the interior and onto the floorboards. I cleaned out the seams as best as possible and sealed them with strip caulk. I then took the Pilot out for a drive in the pacific Nw where it is currently raining. No surprise there. Anyways,if you have questions on how to fix, send me an email..I have pics to show what I did. -
water leak started on pas. driver's side too. -
After the first day of heavy rain on 9/5 I found water pooling on the driver side floor. I checked doors, windows, moon roof etc to see if everything was closed properly. Upon 2 more days of heavy rain, I found pooling in both driver & passenger side front floor & took it to the agent in Rockville MD. They have had the car for 4 days & have pulled out panels, wipers, fareings etc but have not found a cause. Also with the water pooling the engine check light came on & the park break light is also on although the break has not been enguaged. A warning is issued when driving & this goes off when manually doors are locked. Agent has not yet diagnosed this issue as well. -
I have water pooling on passenger side floor. Have checked under mat, wheel well drain, no sunroof. I believe its the I beam seal or wire harness holes behind front quarter panel. Wondering why no recall from honda with so many people with same problem? -
Water on passenger side floorboard, then drivers side as well. Going to try to seal those seams under the wheel well. -
Noticed wet carpet on passenger side. Second incident. Had downpour of rain yesterday. My car was involved in an accident a few months ago and was hit on the front passenger side. Wonder if this could have caused leak. -
My passenger front side started getting leak from the bottom of the carpet, I really can't figure out where the water is coming from, I remove the carpets, cables. left panel, windshields, inside the tire also. I placed my hand underneath of the glove box and the water comes from the car metal near the box cable. I took my car to this Honda dealer we have in Colorado Springs and the Manager said that they have never heard that any Honda Pilot has this problem. I told him to Google it and that I am not and he said that my car is old and things just wear out when is old. WTF? He said bring the car but it will cost you. I am so disappointed with Honda, they know this problem is happening and they don't do anything for their customers. -
06 54k 2nd owner driver side more than pas but both side leak ifound seams not calk good from Honda has been leaking since 06 ie driver side I seen u tube videos on grommets under front fenders back dealer 1 day before leamon law in mass expires im sure dealer is going to f me any have more thanks rob -
I have same problem water leaks -
I have water pooling on the drivers side. The floor mats are soaked after each rain. I have pulled apart the floor to find the problem with no real success. -
Just bought a certified pre-owned pilot two weeks ago and when I vacuumed it out yesterday I noticed that both the front drivers side and passengers side floors were wet (passengers side was soaked)I cleaned and dried both sides and this morning we had another rain storm so I went out to check the floor and there is another puddle on the passengers side, my car has not moved so I know it wasn't from driving through a puddle or anything else the dealer was trying to blame on me. Now I will begin to fight with the dealer until they fix this problem. -
an inch of water on passenger side every time it rains. I will report this to I suggest everyone else will too. Honda should pay to have it fixed. They offered me a "deal" to take it apart and locate the exact location of the leak and charge me $500. Then to fix the leak it would cost more. Grrrr...... -
Recently noticed moisture (water?) on front passenger side floor. Have not yet attempted a fix. -
lots of recent rain. Drivers side floor mats soaked. Have it at Honda currently. Want $155/hour and 5-6 hours to diagnose. Need to remove seats and tear down to steal. Feel like I'm getting soaked. -
Soaked Floorboards on Passenger and Driver side -
We always parked our new 2012 Honda Pilot in our garage until 3 months ago when we relocated. I noticed a "wet cardboard-like" smell about weeks later. A few weeks after that we had water drip down INSIDE our windshield after turning on the defroster. The following day we ice crystals form inside the vehicle. We realized we had a water issue and took the vehicle to a Honda dealership. After 3 hours they told us they couldn't locate the leak - at which time we refused to leave, saying they needed to do more extensive water testing (find a working automated car wash). An hour later the service manager showed us what he said was the leak...a bad seal at the side marker wire harness. He said "someone tampered with this" - until I told him that I (a 61 year old woman) was the only person who ever drove the vehicle and that only Honda had ever serviced the car. They then said the "flaw" may have been there all along - just not noticed until we parked where rainwater touched it. (Note - we always handwashed the car ourselves.) Needless to say, the firewall stains were horrible looking and we decided to trade the car in rather than to deal with possible residual water issues to the electrical system (located by the leak). Our car was new - and we loved it (past tense). -
I have a 2008 honda pilot that I hate!!!!!!! I have complained for years about rain water collecting SOMEWHERE & making a bubbling sound under the hood on the passenger's side. No one can find the leak or either no one will tell me the truth..... Probably a Honda bad seam from the factory!!!!! I have even been told by a honda service department that it is NORMAL?????? Now after several years of wet floor under the DRY carpet, the mold & mildew is at a service state! No only I can not drive it because the smell is soooo bad, no one can find the leak!!!! -
Wet floors on both driver and passenger side of car. The driver's side is considerably worse. Cannot reproduce leak using garden hose. -
After winter noticed that both driver and passenger side were damp. Finally all dried up, but now instead of general dampness there is a wet spot. about 4" above the hook for car mats. I'm going to try and use information to fix this myself and hope that it's not something else... -
I have a 2005 Pilot with leaking on passenger floor side. I noticed this problem this winter, we have pulled up the carpet and can not locate where the leaking is coming from. Any ideas/solutions on how to fix this problem would be GREATLY appreciated -
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