Water Leak Due to Faulty Rear Window Seal on Dodge Ram 1500

On some models a void in the rear window seal may cause a water leak. Water may be present on or under the carpet. The seal will need to be replaced if that is the source.

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Average mileage: 68,539 (500–226,000)
7 model years affected: 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010
78 people reported this problem
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Water leaking thru rear window seal and flooded the comparment under the back seat
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On my 2004, significant amounts of water would come in after a hard rain and collect under the rear seat. I traced it to the third brake light, instead of the rear window. I removed the third brake light, applied clear silicone caulk, and reinstalled. It stopped the leak completely. I know I may have a hard time removing the lens again if the bulb goes out, but I figured stopping the water was more important.
2010 Dodge Ram 150035,000
I have a 2013 Dodge Ram 4 door. After soaking rain this weekend noticed water had come in either through the back windshield or the 3rd brake light. Scheduled to have Dodge rep look at the problem and fix it on Monday. After reading all the issues on this site has anyone asked about seat and or inside roof replacement? I am concerned about mold and the back part of the inside roof being damaged.
2008 Dodge Ram 150023,000
Back window leaking again. Complete window replacement 2 yrs ago and now leaking again. Dodge refuses to admit that there is a serious design flaw. My next truck either won't have a sliding glass back window section or won't be a Dodge.
2008 Dodge Ram 150045,000
My 2008 ram 1500 rear window has been leaking for a year and a half. dodge is on their 10th attempt. 5 new windows have been placed in. it seems that whoever made the slider window didn't know how to make a quality window.
2008 Dodge Ram 150035,000
Took truck back to dealer at about 28000 miles they say they replaced a seal, but the problem reoccured shortly after.
My 08 has leaked since I had it. Bought brand new in 07 6 month after buying I noticed under the back set was wet. Took it to the Dodge dealer I purchased from, they said it was fixed. Well not fixed. I complained every service visit. Now window floods under back set. Deal would not cover new window. But was nice enough to tell me that I could bust my back window and fill it on my insurance. So not right. Dodg r company should stand behind their products.
2008 Dodge Ram 150084,000
Water wets carpet under the rt rear seat. A dripping sound can be heard while drivivg in rain. I have an electric sliding back window.
water leaking in at bottom of rear window and pooling under back seat.
Any time it rains or I wash my truck water comes in the very back window around the middle
sounds like their is no fix to this leak
2010 Dodge Ram 150094,000
noticed a smell, looked under back compartments underneath back seats and found mold. got it cleaned, next day came back and saw about 3 inches deep of water. cool.
2009 Dodge Ram 150085,000
Rear storage compartment under the seat gets soaked and filled with water when it rains. Dodge knowing about this should fix it and if they are not smart enough to fix it at least install a plug in the bottom of both storage compartments that will drain the water as needed. I will find a solution but shouldn't have too -
2008 Dodge Ram 150085,000
Same problem- no solution yet
Any time it rains or I go through car wash, water pours in the rear top and leaks on the seats
2004 Dodge Ram 1500100,000
May have been leaking prior to this but I just noticed it. Seal is leaking all across top of back window.
2007 Dodge Ram 150017,000
i have this exact problem only its with my ram 2500. I live in the state of Washington. I would like to just replace it with a sealed window . Is this possible?
Brought truck back to the dealer after purchase. Dealer worked on it for 2 days. Said it was fixed, but still has leak. Took truck back to dealer and they kept it again trying to find leak. Could not find leak and was told they did not find any issues. I how have over 150,000 miles with the same leak. I live with the leak by putting a rag in the well under the back seat.
2010 Dodge Ram 150031,000
Actually have a 2012 regular cab and the rear window leaks like a sieve whenever it rains. Still under warranty and had the dealer fix it once at around 24K miles, but just noticed it's leaking again. Looks like a problem on these pick-ups since 2004 or maybe earlier. Time to go back to a Ford.
2009 Dodge Ram 150019,000
behind the rear passenger water leaks
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