Ford F-150 Problem Report

Ford F-150 Water leak at high mount stop light

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this is the second f150 I have had with this problem. the first they replaceed the window 3 times then the cargo light assembly then i got fed up and brought a 2007 f150 only to encounter the same thing.I will not buy another Ford -
Leak was noticed during heavy rain @ the passenger door hand hold, Later noticed @ the 2 rear corners of the back window. Investigating Repair. -
Water leaks that appear at the headliner and rear seat area have been known to be coming from the rear high mount stop light. The gasket that seals the light becomes warped over time and allows water to enter through the stop light into the cab area. A revised stop light is available, but I have found that properly placed caulk or foam tape will work also. -
Leak in the back, tried sealing it with some sealant bought at advanced auto parts.. one place i didnt try was around the high mount stop light. gonna try it and hopefully fixes it. -
Water leak / condensation at third brake light. -
Mine did this too. Dealer replaced the gasket at the third brake light and the gasket for the whole back window. 6 months later (and after warranty expired) it began to leak again. The replacement of the gasket for the back window never did correct the whole window assembly from shifting and squeaking. Only leaked during extremely hard rain or in a car wash but a steady flow of water leaked in each time. -
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