Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem Report

Jeep Grand Cherokee Water Leak and Sloshing Due to Clogged Evaporator Drain

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The AC evaporator drain commonly clogs and causes water to leak onto the passenger side floor. A sloshing noise may also be heard from the water inside the heater housing. Decaying organic debris in the housing may cause an odor. A service bulletin (TSB 24-06-96) was released; it describes how to clean the drain tube without removing the heater AC housing.

my air cond, leaks in pastenger floor, how do I fix this -
Water leaking on to passenger floor. Particularly noticeable during a hard rain -
Water sloshing on passenger side. Some leaking of water on floor also. -
Water everywhere on passenger side floor board -
Sound of sloshing and leaking from evaporator tube. As a result the carpet area on passenger side is soaked. -
my passenger floor stays wet- was not sure what the problem was -
wet floor board on passanger side, not when it rains, the next day. will check evaporator seal -
water in on passenger side floor board from plugged evaporator drain -
same wet floor -
Wet carpet on passenger side. Carpet was peeled away to reveal trouble spot, debris was removed and has been several times every 20k miles or so. -
We noticed puddles of water on the floor on the passenger's side. The shop said the evaporator drain was plugged and fixed it. -
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