water leak on 2004 Lincoln LS

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have a water leak on passenger side, water is traveling down trim panel on front windshield piller, it drips on edge of dash and then to floor, checked weather strip and is fine, blew out with air hose. Thanks for both responses, I checked the sunroof and is clear, I blew air in drain, still have same problem, it is somewhere between the roof and dash, Poured water in roof and it still drips inside the plastic trim piece (that is covered with fabric down) on edge of dash to floor. Is this trim easily removed without damaging. Is this trim used and part of the drain system or should the water be going some where else, I appreciate your responses
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Cars with sun roofs have drain channels at each corner of the roof. Open the sunroof fully, clear leaves and debris from any area of the open sun roof channel. carefully poor water down the driver's side channel first and not where it spills out under the car. Each car manufacturer is different but you should see water spill out at the rear of the car near the wheel arch and at the front of the car behind the front wheel area. The left and right side drain channels are a mirror image of each other. Where you see water drain out on the left side you should see a mirror image of water flowing out on the left side if the drains are clear. Sometimes you have to remove the inner fender liner to remove debris from the drain tubes sometimes just blowing compressed air down the drain channel dislodges the blockage.
found the problem, rubber drain hose on sun roof came off, reconnected
If not fixed yet. I cleaned out all of the trim molding above my doors and the problem went away. The trim(rubber) has a gutter built in that drains the water out and it will accumulate debris. Good luck
I had to remove the headliner and re attach the rubber drain hose
Did you remove headliner yourself or have an upholstery person do that for you? If you did it, please tell me the steps involved, as I have same problem. Thanks
I'm having exactly the same problem with my 02 lincoln ls. I think the water is leaking thru the sunroof.
My 02 Lincoln Ls is doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure its leaking through the sunroof or the passenger side door where the weather stripping is! Every time it rains my cupholders in my console will b completely full of water and my interior light above my rearview mirror will also b full of water. If those aren't full of water then the cubby hole in the passenger side door is full! Didn't bargain for all of this when I bought this thing! Help!
open the sunroof and make sure the channel that drains the water is clean. if it is clean then check the rubber drain hose to make sure it is still attached, if not reattach, if the drain hose is stopped up you can blow it out with air hose.