Water leak on 2003 BMW 525i

There is a water leak under the back floor mats when it rains - have not been able to locate? The leak occurs when it rains and car is parked.

by in Waynesburg, PA on July 09, 2010
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ANSWER by on July 09, 2010
Remove the door trim on the side leaking, check the foam membrane is properly sealed. They leak due to improper resealing after work is carried out.
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ANSWER by on July 12, 2010
I have the same problem. I'm taking it in to get fixed this week. Hopefully it won't cost too much since this is an obvious defect from BMW. I also noticed drips of water hitting my foot so that should be fun to find out what that is.
COMMENT by on July 25, 2010
Any up dates on your repairs?
COMMENT by on July 25, 2010
Yes. They charged $87 to find the leaks.... Both leaks were found pretty quickly.... Instead of replacing the 'vapor seals', they just re-attached them for around $300 for both doors.... No leaks since then and it's been a week and a half with rain to test. Another problem I have though is that I feel drops of water hit my right foot (by the gas pedal). I told BMW to look for the leak there also and after finding the back door leaks, they said that they could not find any leaks where my feet would be. They said it must have been a fluke but the other day (after a good rain) I drove on a business trip (200+ miles) and I noticed the dripping on my feet again! No fluke.... I think it has something to do with the A/C but I can't be sure.... I'll keep you posted on this one since I’m suppose to take my car back in tomorrow because the rear door lock was not locking (and they took my doors off to fix the seals).
ANSWER by on January 02, 2011
What I found was very simple. There are two drains for the ac running under the center counsel. They easily become clogged thus water running out of the underseat vents. Poor design but an easy fix. Under your car you can see the drains straight in from the "c" pillar. Simply put your air gun to the drain and one quick shot will open the clogged drain. 25-30 lbs of pressure will do the job. This is common in 7series and X3, X5 and some 5series cars. This is likely the real problem. Hope this helps, and hope they charge you nothing if you cant do this. It would take a mechanic 10 mins!!
ANSWER by on January 03, 2011
It was the vapor seal for me. The dealer fixed it for $200.
ANSWER by on June 08, 2013
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