water leak? on 1998 Ford Explorer

my 98 4.0l v6 explorer has started to leak just inside the passenger side wheel the temp gauge is fine however when i first found the problem steam was coming from the radiator i have not driven its since could somebody please tell what part i need to change?looks like a plastic heater matrix box on the right handside(if facing the front of vehicle)jus behind the manifold.please help... thanks

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Sounds like the heater core area, So it could be heater hoses or the heater cor itself. The only way to know for sure is to have a shop pressure test the cooling system and you can locate a shop near you here and check prices once they determine what part has failed
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Its likely that the plastic radiator tank is cracked on the seam. I had the same problem. leakage on the passenger side but its hard to see. I would have a mechanic pressure test it for you to see where the leak is for sure, as long as you can keep enough coolant in it to drive it safely of course. If its the radiator, you can find used OEM radiators on E-bay for FAR FAR less than retail. I got one for 65.00 guaranteed not to leak and havent had a problem yet. Good luck!