water is leaking into the interior when it rains on 2003 Toyota Corolla

the water pools mostly on the left side, on the floor of the back seat area, to a lesser extent on the right side (same area) , which seems to be the lowest point of the frame of the car. After running water for 5 minutes all over the roof, there is still now sign of a leak. How can I track down the leak? Thanks

by in Boynton Beach, FL on January 12, 2010
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ANSWER by on January 12, 2010
Does this car have a sunroof? If it does maybe the sunroof drain hose is plugged
COMMENT by on January 12, 2010
the car does have a sun roof,...but I'm aware of how to keep the drains open...and they are. from reading about a similar problem posted here, it may be from under the hood, ...but I was thinking, maybe it'd be easier to drill some holes in the floor w/a plug and just let the water drain out when it rains hard..what do you think?
COMMENT by on June 08, 2010
Our 2003 toyota corolla is leaking in the same place! Were you able to find out where it is laking from?
COMMENT by on July 01, 2010
I have this problem as well but i know it comes in from the front, below the windscreen, behind the dash were the vents are. My carpet is ruined and the car stinks. Wow now that i realize it Toyota needs to work on quality their cars are staring to go down hill. Maybe all the recalls will help point the new pathway. I hear the new 2011 Camry is so advanced it recalls itself.
ANSWER by on October 01, 2010
I have researched this problem online and have noticed many people have the same issue with this car. I have made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and suggest you do the same.

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