water is leaking on 2001 Porsche Boxster

water is leaking and I donot know where behind seat on passenger side is soaking wet

by in Newtonville, MA on June 08, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 20, 2010
2 things makesure the drainage holes are not blocked plus the roof cables might need adjusting. last thing protect the blackbox under the passengers seat from getting wet or bigtime problems will begin to happen ok... goodluck.. steve bullit performance motor co..
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The drains in the Cabriolet top can clog, causing water to leak onto the carpets. Water can also accumulate in the doors, causing various electrical problems.
water leak i checked the bottom hoses and there ok the water is coming from above the bottom hoses in the engine area
Persistent coolant loss can be caused by a small leak at the coolant reservoir. Our technicians tell us the leak may not be visible due to the trunk carpet hiding the leak.
is this a common thing for Porsche, having leaky washer fluid reservoirs? It really chaps me.
it happened when i was driving for a while and i park the car to do some business transacton when i came back all the coalant was in the ground and it is leaking right under the car, troubleshoot. ...

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