Water is accumulating under carpets on drivers side of car after rain. on 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

What is causing the problem? Sunroof and windows are properly closed. Could it be that the drainage pipes got blocked or crimped due to age? I can’t find diagrams on line that will help me clean them.

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you could have a bad windshield seal or like you say plugged lines.remove frt grill under wiper arms and ck drains
Windshield seal looks ok. Any suggestions how to remove the debris from drains?
Cowl drains are plugged....Remove wipers and plastic cowl cover...It is probably packed up with leaves.
Has the windshield ever been replaced?
Windshield is original. I will tray removing wipers and plastic cowl cover. Do you know of a link to schematics to help me do that? Since I am not a mechanic, it would greatly improve my chances of success.
It is easy to do....My repair info does not show how to take it apart
See http://www.justanswer.com/vw-volkswagen/4wcll-passat-http-www-justanswer-com-vw-volkswagen-394so-tcm-comes-back.html Try googling "vw plugged cowl drains: