Water is accumulating under carpets on drivers side of car after rain. on 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

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What is causing the problem? Sunroof and windows are properly closed. Could it be that the drainage pipes got blocked or crimped due to age? I can’t find diagrams on line that will help me clean them.
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you could have a bad windshield seal or like you say plugged lines.remove frt grill under wiper arms and ck drains
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Cowl drains are plugged....Remove wipers and plastic cowl cover...It is probably packed up with leaves.
Has the windshield ever been replaced?
Windshield is original. I will tray removing wipers and plastic cowl cover. Do you know of a link to schematics to help me do that? Since I am not a mechanic, it would greatly improve my chances of success.
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It is easy to do....My repair info does not show how to take it apart
See Try googling "vw plugged cowl drains:
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